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Hi everyone, this is Jaylens mom. Sometimes Jaylens tics are so bad that he will speak what he wants written and I will type it for him - otherwise it would take him hours to complete one paragraph. However, I am happy to report that although he is having increased tics from the excitement of his website, he will write his own blog going forward (as long as it doesn't run into bed time). Take care everyone & thank you for the support of my son. xoxoxo. I now turn it over to Jaylen: Hello everyone I had a great day today! When I got home from school I went on my website. And when I got on I found out about... a COOL! COOL! boy named Nigel!!! I got a email from him! I was sooo happy to meet someone like me!!!!!!!!! our mom's said we might be able to get toghether at the Common Ground park. It's gonna be so fun!!! And I would like to thank all these people for supporting my website and goal to stop bullies. pastor Kim Tina and Danielle Gray Ms Mcpherson Dana and Taylor Ford Love all of you. "tic" ya later! J-MacRead more
My tics are calm today so mom is going to let me type myself rather than tell her what to type for me! Yay! So, guess what happened today my webmaster Mr.Paul put our own twitter on the website!!! I was blewn far away when I found out how much people were on my website today! alot I can tell you that!! And I'll tell yall what happened at school today. At the waterfountain a boy saw my wristband and asked me what it was. I said it was a wristband for my site about bullying, I said it was $10 and he said i'm not gonna pay $10 for that bracelet. He was in 4th grade!! He is older than me and he dont even realize that you give a donation and get a wristband as a thank you. You don't buy a wristband for $10. But he could not understand that. He does not understand my goal or jaylens challenge, but I bet he will understand later. Well mom is rushing me to get a bath and in bed so I better go for now. Thank you everyone for supporting me and for all my new twitter friends. "Tic" ya later! J-MacRead more
I had a great day at school. Mrs. Mobley gave me about 25 High School Musical stickers and I gave half of them to my little sister. We like HSM. Ok so today was funny because I told my mom I acted like a mature adult and she just laughed at me. She laughs at my speech all the time. BAM! After school, we go to after care until she gets off work and picks us up. Well when she picked us up today, our car smelled really really bad. Most of the time it smells like my mama's perfume or leather. Well today it just was stinky to me. I have a strong sense of smell..guess that comes with all my other stuff. Sometimes people think things smell good and to me it will really stink - bad! Mommy couldn't smell what I was smelling. Ok, so mommy said: well I had to run by the dentist office and get my teeth cleaned today after work, maybe you are smelling the flouride the dentist put on my teeth, come smell my teeth. I thought and said out loud: Are you kidding me? I'm not smelling your teeth, so mom gets my little sister Nina to do it (she will do anything with mom). So Nina smelled Mom's teeth! Nina said: mmmmm, it smells good like the stuff the dentist uses and doesn't stink. So Mom says : Jaylen come smell and see if that is what you are smelling? Hello, I am not smelling my mama's teeth! So she said I was acting silly and should smell to see if that is what I'm smelling. BAM! I told her 'no, i'm acting like a mature adult'. Mature adults don't go around smelling people's teeth. My mama just started laughing so hard. And then we all started laughing. And once we start laughing really hard, it's hard to stop. So todays note is: Don't smell anyone's teeth. MAture adults don't do that. (mom still thinks its funny because she says I am not no where near an adult). Have to go to bed. Yay! KRIS WON AMERICAN IDOL!!! I AM SO HAPPY! BAM! "Tic" ya later! J-MacRead more
Guess what happened today? My mom gave my whole class my new wristbands and they love them! Last night we had my awards and I got an award for A-B Honor Roll, Friendship Award, Singing Excellence Award, and Diligence Award! I was so excited! Oh also our whole page should be up and going. Mr. Paul is the smartest webmaster ever! He's my friend and I can't wait for him to come visit me! I want to give a shout out to my friend Rachel and her family, the Plylers for their support of my cause. You rock Jim. Thank you a lot. Okay going to watch American Idol and hope Kris wins! "Tic" ya later! J-Mac C'mon people, change the world!Read more
Hello I am Jaylen as you can see. I am excited today because when my mom picked me up from school a few minutes ago, she showed me my new yellow and blue wristbands. I am also excited because Mr. Paul (my webmaster who is helping me) is really close to completing my website. Very soon, we will have our own place to write back and forth like a forum, like our own Twitter! It's gonna be super cool! In a few minutes I'm off to my awards ceremony at my school to get awards and I can't wait. So I must hurry and go and I will talk to you very soon. "Tic" ya later! J-MacRead more