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Hey people, happy 4th of July and thank you very much to all the people who fight and did fight for our freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just went to my church and watched the fireworks and the grand final was awesome!!!!! Sorry I did not write for a couple of days but my big sis Lexi, who said hello, came and is here to see me for the summer!!!!!!!!!! She is soooooo F-U-N.Read more
Ok people we are having a HUGE showdown between CALIFORNIA and NEW YORK!!!!!!! This will be better than Ashton versus CNN on Twitter!!!!!!!So get ready to swing your partner around and around!!!!!! I love being funny!!!! he!he!Read more
Hello and Happy Sunday! I wanted to share with you something that has been going on in my mind and is very important!!! To me, it is in a different world apart from this one!!!!! It is called Crazy World and it's not too far from Venus and Mars. It is kind of in the middle.Read more
This is the actual transcript of events when Jaylens story aired on CNN. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Picked on at school for something that he can't control. Little Jaylen knows the agony of being bullied, and he thinks he knows why kids do it. We're going to tell you what he's doing to battle back - no fists involved. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)Read more
The message needs to get out there and who better than Jaylen 'Bullying.No Way!' Arnold to convey its importance. The little boss man is doing the campaign proud. If he carries on like this he will end up getting elected one day.Read more