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WE ARE HAVING A CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok people we are having a HUGE showdown between CALIFORNIA and NEW YORK!!!!!!! This will be better than Ashton versus CNN on Twitter!!!!!!!So get ready to swing your partner around and around!!!!!! I love being funny!!!! he!he!


Because some of my best donations and suporters are from New York and California I am demanding a contest to see which State gets to the finish line first!!!!!! The first state that comes through with enough donations to support 100 schools in their state  before school starts back in August wins the title of  being the very first Bullying No Way! State !!!!!! Now I am not saying that the other States can not join in the race - because you absolutely should!!!!! Just most of my donations are coming from those two states!!!! Where is Washington D.C. and Obama? They should have been number 1 already!!!!!!!!!!! And hello, Oprah???Do you still exist and what state are you in because I need your help here???? But Oprah doesn't get Obama off the hook!!!!!!!!!!


Mr. Paul says when you donate there is a line there and you should write your state name on that line so we can keep a fair score!!!!! We will keep score live on this website!!!!!! (Mr. Paul, please make me a page for that...this is going to be sooooo much fun to watch) because some New York people are tough and stick together and some California people are sweet and caring!!!!! I love all the states though and all the people and I can't wait to see which one I get to declare as the Bullying No Way! state first!!!!!! My mom said she will let me interview on  CNN and Baynews 9 again so I want to announce the winner on the tv!!!!!!


And I want to tell Ms. Sunshine (she knows who she is) that I really thank her for helping me to remember to keep on going and I will not stop!!!!!!!!! She is very nice and loves kids!!!!! And I thank everyone for your emails and letters that keep me inspired!!!!!!! It feels soooo good that all of you are with me and support me with words and prayers!!! I love everyone!!!!!!!!!!And trust me, I love prayers too!!!!!!!!!!


"tic"  ya later,

Jaylen (the contest referee!!!!!!!!!!!!!)