Welcome to Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc.

Our Purpose:

Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to promoting awareness and prevention of bullying through education and community service.

Bullies don't like different

 At the tender age of 8 years old Jaylen Arnold wanted to make a difference. In response to bullying, he wanted to fight back with words and experience - rather than with fists or name calling. Jaylen had suffered at the hands of bullies in school due to his disabilities making him an easy target. Bullies don't like different. 

Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc. - born out of a need and fueled by passion, determination and an unwavering stance against those that choose to hurt others with their words and selfish actions. It's gone on for too long. Since day one we have worked tirelessly in a bid to do...Read more
Ellen Degeneres Jaylens Challenge
One of Jaylens early ambitions was to appear on Ellen and use her great platform to spread the Jaylens Challenge message. During out 'Bullying No Way! Tour' across America that ambition was to come true. Check it out.Read more
On January 10 2014 Jaylen was honored with the title of 'Hometown Hero' for his crusade to stop bullying. No-one says it better than Jaylen and this video just goes to show the impact he is having bringing the reporter to tears. Show your support and consider a donation.Read more