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I'm so so so so sorry!!!!! For not blogging lately but I have a new tic where I throw my head back and look up real hard, rolling my eyes backwards and my head shakes a bit!!!! Like I'm a teenager with a real bad attitude without the gratitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Read more
If you received your wristband, please email me a pic of you wearing it! Send to I want to post them on my website!!!! thank you! "tic" ya later, Jaylen xoxoRead more
Here is a little something to make you laugh!!!!!!!! he!he!!!!!Read more
Hello everyone sorry I have not blogged for a while but my tics are ticcing alot right now!!!! I have been super busy too!!!!!I did my business meeting teaching some new teachers at the University of Houston about Tourettes and Bullying!!!! It was fun!!!!!We also talked to Youngstown University!!!!!Dash Mihok called and he is going to come down and visit me for my next interview!!!!!!He's a very nice man and we get along really great!!!!! Last time I talked to him on the phone, guess what??? We were both ticcing away!!!!It made me feel happy and comfortable!!!!!I can't wait until he comes over and I can't wait until we go on Oprah together!!!!!!Read more
Hello wonderful people. I wanted to take a moment to say hello to you all and wish you a very Happy 4th of July. We are so grateful to all who have served and are serving our country, which enables me to lay in my bed at night and hug my babies!Read more