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I'm sorry to my Jaylens challenge family but I'm having a sleepover and my friend AJ is waiting for me!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what???? The actor Dash Mihok isRead more
We at Jaylens Challenge are very proud to offer our supporters the opportunity to spread the message further. We have developed a couple of 'frames' that you can use to enhance your current avatar. Not only would you be joining an elite club of supporters but you will be helping to spread the word to those we have yet to reach.Read more
Hello everyone sorry for not writing ever since I got back but I have been really really tired!!!!!!!!! And I got too much sun and my skin is peeling off!!!!And thats not a lame excuse for not blogging. Ok so here we go, this is how my trip went.Read more
Team Jaylens Challenge here with some exciting news for you all. Jaylen and his mission will be featured on CBS news with Katie Couric.Read more
We would like to introduce to you to Mr. Buckenboofensmurf who has a few things he would like to say and get off his chest.Read more