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First day back to school with Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello people!!!!!!!!!!How was your first day back at school??? Mine was G-R-E-A-T all thanks to MS. LEE one of the best teachers in the world!!!!!!!!! She is really fun to work with. I never been so happy about the first day of school in my life!!!! And I did NOT get a card pull!!!!!!!


Sorry I haven't blogged in a while but we have been so busy with school starting back and I spent a lot of time with my friend AJ because he lives close to me. We have lots of rain storms and thunders in Florida and if you get on your computer or take a bath when it lightings, it is a really baaaaaad idea!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of me and my sister Nina for our first day back to school!!!!!!!

For everyone out there I hope you have a really good year with no bullying!!!!!!!!If you get bullied just tell your principal to call me and I'LL FIX IT because you know me, I'm MR. NO BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry and try not to be scared. Be strong. I love all my friends and and all of you!!!!!!!!! Thank you for helping me!!!!!!!!!!


Goodnight! I am late getting into bed and my mom is saying "hurry up"!!!


"tic" ya later!