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Gotta Hurry!!!!!!!!


I'm sorry to my Jaylens challenge family but I'm having a sleepover and my friend AJ is waiting for me!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what???? The actor Dash Mihok is


coming down here and we are going to make a commercial about disabilities and bullying No Way! for us to put it on the Disney Channel. And it is going to be soooo cool!!!!!!!!!!


And my people in real life and my twitter and facebook people are working on a really big fun day for all of us kids, teens, and adults to have a great day at the Lakeland center on September 12.  If they can get is all together, we are going to have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!My mom has already talked to some stars that said they would come!!!!!!!!! But there will be lots of games and fun things going on in this H-U-G-E air conditioned place so I pray that everyone can work together and make this special day happen.!!! And what I'm about to say I'm saying to all the Disney Channel stars, please please please do whatever you can to come to my big huge party because we got a special room and some bodyguards for you!!!!!!!!!! I'm just sayin'(Selena Gomez I hope hope hope someone shows you my blog and you can come)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My friend AJ wants to say something: I want to say Hi and that Jaylen is a really good friend to me. We're texting to each other and we have been playing a power game tonight. We are having a lot of fun. I see Jaylen at church every Sunday and Wednesday. We really like Royal Rangers and our Commander.


Okay Jaylen back here now. AJ and I both want to give a shout out to Commander Dave, Commander AJs Dad, Commander Jim Plyler, the Bible verse girl (I'm sorry I forgot her name),  Pastor Kim, Mrs. Mobley, Mrs. DeWeese, Mrs. Ott, Mrs. Burgess, Mrs. Hage, Mrs. Lee,  we can't wait to go into her class, and we saved the best for last, a BIG shout out to Mrs. Coscia!!!!!! Mom says her hands are tired of typing for us and that we should just give a shout out to everyone at VCA!!!!!!!!!


"tic" ya later!