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Hello to all of our supporters, disabled children, friends, family, news, media, and everyone else looking at this website. This is Jaylens parents. We would just like to say "THANK YOU & GOD BLESS " to the wonderful responses. The CNN news clip reached thousands of you and for that we are so grateful. We had NO IDEA his story was on CNN until you all told us via emails! We knew our local station ran the story but had no idea it would go national. Jaylen has received hundreds of emails from you and your children. It is absolutely amazing! It's wonderful to see that so many people stand behind our little guy. It also lets us know just how global and what a huge problem bullying is ~ especially for disabled children. What started off as a hometown effort has now become a National effort - due to requests from all of you. However, WE NEED YOUR HELP in order to do this. There are literally millions - yes millions- of kids getting bullied, dealing with it daily. All kids, disabled or not! Although we weren't expecting JaylensChallenge to go national, he now wants to help everyone nationally. With that, our goal is to try and get corporate sponsors lined up prior to school starting back in August to sponsor entire schools. In this way, we can reach more children by the masses. If you know someone who owns a business, get them to sponsor YOUR class or YOUR school. Ask your parents to sponsor YOUR class or YOUR school. Rally the support of your local businesses to help stomp out bullying. Ask YOUR employer to sponsor a school. Request Jaylen to come to your childs school! We will soon have posters available on this site that you can print out and post at schools and places of business. If you all truly want this bullying to end and it is as horribly severe on a daily basis as some of you are explaining, then we are dedicated to doing this, but it does require help from you! As Jaylen once said, "WE means YOU and ME!". We will be putting packages together for classes that will include a JaylensChallenge band, an anti-bullying book, a small quiz, and a certificate of completion personally signed by Jaylen for EACH student. These packages are economical and work! They will also include a video. Students need to be educated early. Contact us about obtaining these packages for your classroom or your childs classroom or school. We have a link on our page for business donations. We will put your business information on our website along with a link and contact information. We will also put which school or class you are sponsoring and if you are doing it in the name of someone (a child with a disability or a child that once got bullied). We will make sure these packages get to that class or school. Jaylen will be available for limited appearances at your school. (He has school too and we will limit how much he can miss). He will complete the presentation and have an intimate one on one question and answer session with your students. He is being demanded right now for different appearances and fund raisers. If you'd like him to come for an "in-service" to your school, please let us know ASAP as we are planning his calendar. We will put his "planned events" on the events page on this website in early August. Have your school name listed and reserve him now! We will not allow Jaylen to "service" more than one school every two-three weeks unless you are a local school. (For obvious travel reasons, he could do one local school a week). It is amazing at how many kids are wanting to meet Jaylen! Again, we are so grateful for your support and the support of your children. (And believe it or not, we've even received emails from a few bullies) :) Jaylens "in- services" are wonderful and forever changes the lives of kids! One final request. Jaylen is determined to get his Challenge out to Oprah, President Barack Obama, Jonas Brothers, and Jordin Sparks. Please send his website to any and all contacts you have. If any of you know anyone in the media, please forward it. It will be a stepping stone of events; however, I believe we can get him there. He is right if you think about it - "Bullies like those people too!". As parents, we say any person, any celebrity ~ the more celebrities wearing his band, the more bullies will be impacted. Any sports figures, singers, actors, politicians, anyone can be a part of his Bulling No Way! It only takes one person to make a huge change. Most importantly, all of YOU can do it! All of you can make it happen. Spread the word. On a final note, please remember, do not tolerate bullying. It does not matter if you are different. You still have the right to be treated with respect. So please tell not continue to allow it to happen. Bullying isn't so cool anymore! Come back often to check the website. We have great things happening and Jaylen is often lurking around the forum reading about you all. Follow Jaylen on Twitter @JaysChallenge Take care, The ArnoldsRead more
HHHHEEEELLLLLOOOOOOOOOO PPPPEEEEOOOOOOPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How are yall doing? good? I hope so!!!!!! So, are you going to celebrate Fathers Day :]:)?? Oh and Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there:):):):):)!!!! Fathers are very special and teach us special things!!! Happy Fathers Day to 2 all of my pa-pa's and grandfathers!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, my little sister would say hi or something but, she can't cuz she went on a airplane to go to our cousins Birth Day party:). Why didn't I go?? Cuz, I have to stay here with you guys. And I want to give a big shout out and thank you to MR. Jon Walton very very very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And some of yall worry alot about your tics or other problem what ever it is and you don't have to do that. God made us different for a reason and we are all okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And have a good day everyone out there:) "tic" ya later J-Mac xoxoRead more
Here is the link to the news video if you missed it: more
I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how much emails I have. I am going to write all of you back but please wait for me because there are so many!!!!!Thank you EVERYONE for coming to my website and talking to us and telling me about you and bullying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I want to thank CNN and Melissa and Tony at Baynews9 and MR. Gary at the ledger. All of you are helping me make a difference!!!!!!!!All the kids in America can help me to stop bullying and help pepole to understand TS and other diagnosis of disabilities.!!!!!! Hey, I'm just here to stopy bullying and you don't even have to have nothing wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MR. Paul thank you so so so so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW I am so happy that I am on the news!!!!!! Everyone is on here helping me and I think it is working with all these kids and even grown ups helping me!!!! If any other news or people with shows want me to talk to them just call MR.Gary probably because I know he has my moms phone number!!!!!! thank you again to all of you and as my dad says too, don't let anyone bully you and take up for yourself by telling someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hungry and want to go eat because I have been reading and my mom reading all day on this website. It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "tic" ya later!! Jaylen xoxoRead more
Hello guys I'm doing my blog but I'm beeing watched!! By the bay news 9, I'm doing my interview today. It's soooooo exciting!!!!!! So, guess what happened yesterday? I got $5.00 from a guy the Barber Shop while I was getting my hair cut!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you to that person and thank you evreyone for supporting me & my website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'tic" ya later! Jaylen xoxoRead more