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A NEW TIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey everybody its Jaylen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I see so many people on my website right now and I just wanted to tell you hello. I am reading all of your post  and emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow!!!

So, I got a new tic this week and it is sucking my tummy in real far until my ribs show and are sticking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks really weird and makes me breathe funny and I hope it don't last  that long but Im not worried  if it doesss!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will just come and go like the rest of them maybe but I won't let it get me down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All of you are really helping to keep me going  good!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!! And now I'm doing my waving tic even when someone doesn't cough or yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!Spongebob burped on tv and I thought it was dad and I had to do my waving tic like crazy!!!!  he!he!


I hope YOU have a very special Monday and remember  to come back and check in with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"tic" ya later,