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Some People just don't Understand!!!!!!!!


Hello people!! How ya'll  doin!!!!!  Because I'm doing great!!!!!!!!! You know?   Some  people just don't  understand us TS kids......or  grown ups.  TS  kids, you know  what  I'm talking  about Nigel, Riley and all my new friends on here with TS!!!!


I try to explain things to my little sister and she just doesn't understand sometimes!!!!!! No alot of the times!!!!!!! She understands my TS, OCD, and Asp, but she don't understand regular things!!!! My mom keeps sayign she is only 6  but when I was 6 I knew alot more I think!!! But I love her sooo much anyway!!! She is starting to have some tics but my Dr. said to see if they go away cuz she might be just copying me but she is making a throat noise that I don't have. I have "puppy dog" tics right now which is a little squeal like a little puppy!!!!


Hey ya'll look for some videos coming!!! Mom took some of me tonight and she wants me to tell you that your wristbands are coming because alot of people ordered them at once and we are packing them and sending them as fast as I can!!!!!!!!!


My new tummy tic is still feeling weird but I am waiting for it to go away!!!! I always have my eyes rolling and my face doin all kinds of stuff and a little head jerk so when I get another one it's just one more!!!!!!!!!!! I got some cool new friends MRS. Angelle, MR.Dash, MR. Jax, MR. Etan, and little TJ!!!!


Thank you everyone for loving me and all your emails and buying wristbands!!!!!!!!! Keep them coming and I am reading them all and mom lets me write back about 8 people a day!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to take all this stuff to the schools and talk to the kids!!!!!!!!!!!! Its going to be GREEAAATTTT to meet all of you!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like High School Musical....we're all in this together my new friends!!!!!!!!


"tic" ya later!