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California is winning!!!!!!!


Hello everyone sorry I have not blogged for a while but my tics are ticcing alot right now!!!! I have been super busy too!!!!!I did my business meeting teaching some new teachers at the University of Houston about Tourettes and Bullying!!!! It was fun!!!!!We also talked to Youngstown University!!!!!Dash Mihok called and he is going to come down and visit me for my next interview!!!!!!He's a very nice man and we get along really great!!!!! Last time I talked to him on the phone, guess what??? We were both ticcing away!!!!It made me feel happy and comfortable!!!!!I can't wait until he comes over and I can't wait until we go on Oprah together!!!!!!



I am making vidoe blogs for you all and my Mr. Paul has to get them on here for your to watch them!!!! I just made a really funny one for you about the contest!!!!!! Oh where is all the NEW YORK people at??? All I see is California , so I guess NEW YORK is bailing out!!!! I guess I might have to crown California as the 1st winner as the anti bully State!!!But if NEW YORK steps up and buys some wristbands they might have a chance!!!Contest ends on July 31st so send this contest to everyone you know!!!!Where are my supporters at????


My waving tic is really bad right now!!! If you yawn I have to wave sooo long!!!!!!!!!And then I have to get rid of your air off my mouth that came out of your yawn even if you are not close to me when you yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's gross to me, really gross!!!!!


Going to go now becasue I have to get up early tomorrow to go sign some papers.  I love you all and keep coming back and remember to tell everyone and help me to make a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hey, does anyone know a famous boxer????I need a famous boxer to help me "knock out" bullying!!!!Please if you know one, have them call my mommy!!!!


And I wish Michael Jackson was still alive cause he could totally help me out here and I was a super super big fan of his music and dancing!!!!!!! My favorite of his was "Black or White" then "Smooth Criminal" and I don't think he bullied those kids before cause I saw his home movies and he was being really nice and helping lots of sick kids that needed hearts and cancer stuff!!!!! It would been cool to know Michael Jackson even though he changed his color and his face!!!!!


"tic" ya later!

Jaylen - working on the moonwalk and shoulder dance!!!


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