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What Happens In My Mind!!!


Hello and Happy Sunday! I wanted to share with you something that has been going on in my mind and is very important!!! To me, it is in a different world apart from this one!!!!! It is called Crazy World and it's not too far from Venus and Mars. It is kind of in the middle.


 In Crazy World sometimes it's a calm regular world like we live in but mostly a WAR is going on all the time. This war has Bullies vs. TS and disabled kids!!!!!!!The regular people in Crazy World are the referees!!!And in this war I am the leader of the TS and disabled kids and a gothic boy is the leader of the bullies!!And everytime I get a donation and send out a bracelet, one bully gets taken down!!!!!! And the TS team starts to win the battle!!And now this war is starting to get really good!!

 When I told my mom this story she didn't think it was crazy because she said that is really what is going on in this world except we aren't battling and wrestling in this real world !!!!!!!!!!!She told me to tell you all that she mailed out the wristbands yesterday and some more on Monday!!!!!!!!!Please look for them soon!!!!!!!!


"tic" ya later!