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Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey people, happy 4th of July and thank you very much to all the people who fight and did fight for our freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just went to my church and watched the fireworks and the grand final was awesome!!!!! Sorry I did not write for a couple of days but my big sis Lexi, who said hello, came and is here to see me for the summer!!!!!!!!!! She is soooooo F-U-N.

So my mom says that we are going to have a big sort of like indoor picnic day for my challenge and all the kids can come and I will be there!!!!!So moms and dads bring your kids and we will have a fun, fun, fun, day!!!!!  My mom don't know where we are having it yet but it will be in a really big place and it will be before school starts back!!!!!! I will tell you when and where as soon as she tells me but there will be food and big bouncy house slides and an art show and singers singing music too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like a big inside picnic carnival thingy!!!!!!!!!!! And she said there might be a surprise couple of famous people too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Okay people, Maryland is beating New York and California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can that happen?????

 Moms calling me to take a bath so I have to go for now but I love you all and I am so happy about the picnic tics are just going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new tic is messing up my voice when I talk!!!! It sounds like I am going through voice changes like 15 year old boys do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 "tic" ya later!