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For Clarification


Hello wonderful people. I wanted to take a moment to say hello to you all and wish you a very Happy 4th of July. We are so grateful to all who have served and are serving our country, which enables me to lay in my bed at night and hug my babies!

I also wanted to clarify something. We've been receiving loads of emails from you all with total support and we love you all so much. We never would have dreamed that Jaylen would touch so many childrens lives. You all are absolutely wonderful.  Some of the emails received portray Jaylen to have been brutally bullied.  I know that local news stations across America ran his story from the CNN clip, and there is no way to tell what each said, but I want you to know that - as his parents - we have never allowed Jaylen to be continually or physically bullied.

Jaylens bullying came by way of being mocked, kids copying his tics, his lunch box and back pack taken, and being laughed at. Jaylen did try to protect his bullies for a short time by not telling (because he was afraid that his dad would do something to the bullies, i.e. jail), but as soon as we found out, the bullying was squashed. Never did anyone to our knowledge physically harm Jaylen. Jaylen now attends a private school where bullying isn't tolerated nor an issue. However, Jaylen did witness severe physical bullying at the public school~ which led him to his Jaylens Challenge ~ he felt bad for all the kids he left behind that continue to be bullied.

We have and continue to strive and sacrifice in order to protect Jaylens entire environment. Unforntuately, it is what most parents of disabled children must do until a big change comes about in our society. Hopefully, Jaylen is contributing and will continue to contribute largely to this enormous problem. This includes the stares and dirty looks often given by just standing in line at the grocery store "ticcing".

Thank you  for allowing us to be a part of your lives and hopefully we will all make a difference ~together with one voice.

P.S. Jaylen wanted me to add that he has received several emails from people asking how they should act when they see a disabled person. Jaylen said he can not speak for everyone, but for him, he would rather you talk to him in a friendly manner.  He wants you  to just ask him why he/his body is doing that wierd stuff and making those noises- rather than staring at him and pretending that you're not. That makes him really uncomfortable and makes his body tic worse.


Thank you and God Bless!

Mrs. Arnold