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Lights, Camera, Action!!!!!


Hi everyone sorryso late updating but I had a busy weekend. When my tics get bad my mom & dad get me out of the house and we go do alot of stuff. So on Saturday I had my last soccer game - and we won!!! then we had a party after that and then went swimming at the ymca and then another party after that!! Shewwww I was tired!!!!!!

So here is the great news literally. Tomorrow the news is coming to interview me and we are going to talk about my website and Tourette Syndrome and kids with disabilities!!! I will be having 3 friends with me too they are AJ Staysia and Ethan and I cant wait!!! The news that is coming is called Lakeland Ledger and its amazing because that is the same website I was looking for a kitty on tonight. I want a kitten really bad.

Next week my mom is taking us to cozy oaks for breakfast because MR. Rick who owns it supports my challenge  MR. Rick you rock!! And so does Bartow FORD because they love me too!  I love you MR. Benny  & MR. Denny you are the best!!!!!!!! and aunt Mimi I love you so so so so much!!!!!!!!!

I want to tell Suzi Kressler  MR. Paul and HeyKim from Twitter thank you sooooooo much.  You are twitterific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so many followers and I like zion13 because I tell her jokes all the time. and MS.Kasey you are not in trouble with me anymore because you wear your band everyday and because you love me :)

 Have to go to bed now cant wait to talk to you tomorrow after my interview

"tic" ya later!