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Jaylen Here!!!


Hi tweeple I mean people!!!!!  I have been on twitter and I have so many people following me and thank you to all the celebrities for chosing to follow me!!!! this means the world to me and I heard Ashley Tisdale is going to europe so I want to wish her good luck!

 And I want to tell Ms. Kacey from after school that she is IN BIG trouble because she forgot to wear her band today. She left it in her car!!!!  Wear your band EVERYDAY!! and I'm talking to all my classmates too!  Garrett, Dave, Destiny.

I had a good day today I went with my mom to take our dog to the vet and I got on the doggy scale and I weigh 56 pounds!!!! My dog weighs more than me and my sister!!! he!he!

Well my mommy is telling me I have to go to bed because it takes me a long time to write all this but first i have to tell people special things. There are so many special people helping me. I know that I can do this!!!! I get a lot of emails from all kinds of people like me and they tell me how good I am. I hope that I am not dreaming and if I am I hope I never wake up!!!!!! So many people are helping me. And kids are going to stop bullying soon it will be so great. I want Ashton Kucher and Usher to support no bullying with me next!!!!!!!!!!! That will be great!!!! Come on Oprah I don't know why you are famous because I never heard you sing or dance but bullies listen to you. Help me please!!!!!!!

 Thank you to these people too

MRS. Janis Crawford 

MRS. Suzi Kressler

and pastor Kim you rock for telling your friends about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!


"tic" ya later!

Jaylen xoxo