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The Day It Happened!


My tics are calm today so mom is going to let me type myself rather than tell her what to type for me! Yay!

 So, guess what happened today my webmaster Mr.Paul put our own twitter on the website!!!   I was blewn far away when I found out  how much people were on my website  today! alot I can tell you that!!  

  And I'll  tell yall what  happened at school today. At the waterfountain a boy saw my wristband and asked me what it was. I said it was a wristband for my site about bullying, I said it was  $10 and he said i'm not gonna pay $10 for that bracelet. He was in 4th grade!! He is older than me and he dont even realize that you give a donation and get a wristband as a thank you. You don't buy a wristband for $10. But he could not understand that. He does not understand my goal or jaylens challenge, but I bet he will understand later.

Well mom is rushing me to get a bath and in bed so I better go for now. Thank you     everyone for supporting me and for all my new twitter friends.

 "Tic" ya later!