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Thank you everyone for a great day!


 Hi everyone, this is Jaylens mom. Sometimes Jaylens tics are so bad that he will speak what he wants written and I will type it for him - otherwise it would take him hours to complete one paragraph. However, I am happy to report that although he is having increased tics from the excitement of his website, he will write his own blog going forward (as long as it doesn't run into bed time).  Take care everyone  & thank you for the support of my son. xoxoxo.

I now turn it over to Jaylen: 

Hello everyone I had a great day today! When I got home from school I went on my website. And when I got on I found out about... a COOL!  COOL!  boy named Nigel!!!  I  got a email from him! I was  sooo happy to meet  someone  like  me!!!!!!!!!     our  mom's  said  we might  be  able to  get  toghether at the Common Ground park. It's gonna be so fun!!!  And  I would  like  to  thank all these people for supporting my website and goal to stop bullies.

pastor Kim

Tina and Danielle Gray

Ms Mcpherson

Dana and Taylor Ford

 Love all of you.

"tic" ya later!