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Tic Tic Bam!


Hello everyone yesterday for memorial day I had the funnest time ever!!! I went to that park that I told you about with my friends A.J and Dave and we met Nigel there, the boy like me. I had the greatest time at that park. they have cools stuff there for disabled kids too!!!!! Yes but it was really hot and made us tired.

My day at school was interesting. I learned more of my times tables. I got a 95-A on a story I wrote. My mom thinks it is funny so I will write it again here so you can laugh too. My story is called, when the whole time froze.

One day I woke up for school. So I got dressed and the clock said 1:00 am, so, I stayed home for a little bit. But after awhile I went to see what time it was so I could go to school, but when I got there it said...1:00 am.!!!!! I went crazy!!!!!! I hurryed and grabbed my back pack and my jacket speedy quick. Then I jumped in the car and my mom went 80 miles an hour. It was so fast my lips went over my nose! When I got there, I ran to my class room speedy quick! but bad news. When I stepped one was there!!! I rushed to spainish class speedy quick and no one was there. Then English an P.E. class and then I went to the prencible where and said, Where is everybody? She said School is out!!! And the mouse bit the clocks power lines!!

 ok my mommy wants me to hurry to go to bed. I want to say thank you to Rayma

Mrs. Shotzie

Johnny B all the way from China!!!! he is protecting us in the navy!!

and a special big hug to Mr. Rick Smerkers he's super cool. and a big kiss to Mrs. Tracy and Lexi because I love both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please keep telling everyone about what my dream is!!! Jonas Brothers and Oprah wearing my wristband!!!!!!

"tic" ya later!!

Jaylen xoxox