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Hello everyone! O my gosh!!!!! I can't believe it. I almost fainted yesterday when I saw my interview on the news paper!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!! It was great, exciting, joyful. I felt like screaming!!! But I couldn't I had to keep my mouth shut because I was in publix!! My mom took a picture of me reading about myself!!! I will see if MR. Paul will put it in the picture gallery on this website but he is sleeping right now because it is in the middle of the night where he lives in Europe.

 But when my mom took the picture of me reading about myself I didn't see it coming!!!! Only the second picture. I can't believe the news paper wrote 2 whole pages about me and my friends and my TS!!!


 And I want to thank MR. Terence for donating to me. He is the donator of honor!!!!!!! And I think he is really cool because my mom told me that he works and sells microscopes. I remember when my mom told me when I bite my nails that I am biting worms because if you look under a microcope you can see worms. I wonder if MR. Terence would let me look at my finger nail under one of his microscopes?  And I want to thank MRS. Wendy and MRS. Deanna and MRS. Sophia. All of you people are awesome!!!!!!!


To all the bullies out there just sit down and mind your business and don't pick on kids even if they are in kindergarten!!!!!


"tic" ya later!