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Soft Ears!!


Hey everyone, what have you been doing the last few days since it is summer???  Just chillaxin???

 Well guess what? that is what I have been doing! My tics are on a high right now with my eyes and my voice! I sound like I am going through a voice change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im glad Im typing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive been having a great time at royal rangers ever since I signed up.  Royal rangers is so awesome for boys. This week I am learning how to to tie a square knot a knot 8 knot and a overhand knot!!!!!

 I want to say thank you to Prissy121 and MRS. Donna Grant for supporting me!!! And Freddie and Melisa Trim are awesome!!! All of you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Ok so I bet you wonder why the title is soft ears? Well, my mom thinks I have the softest ears ever. She was sitting here with me while I was on the computer and she keeps nibbling at my ears with her lips. like she's a rabbit or something and trying to eat my ears. sometimes moms are just crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Ok well I am going to go play on the Wii fit with my mom because she has a bad back but thinks it is good for me to get on it and balance and stuff.

 Oh if you are a kid and you are reading this then you should sign up to join my forum! there isnt very many kids signed up yet and how am I going to talk to you?????? you have to sign up if you want to talk.


"tic" ya later!