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Jaylen featured on Bay News 9 FloridaRead more
MyFox 13 Tampa Bay
Jaylen featuring on MyFox13 Tampa Bay FloridaRead more
Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc. Logo
Jaylen Arnold and Dash Mihok have made a Public Service Announcement. You are encouraged to watch it and then pass on the link to all your friends, family and schools.Read more
Katie Kouric
Jaylen Arnold has made quite an impact on children around the world. So much so that he was invited to feature on the CBS production of Katies Courics -The American Spirit.Read more
Discovery Fit and Health
Hello everyone did you see my premier of "Tourette's Uncovered" on the Discovery Health Channel? What did you think? I was really nervous but I think everyone now understands my disorder alot more. I was very nervous for you to see how I live my life everyday with Tourette Syndrome...Read more