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Tourette's Uncovered, Next Big Step Contest, My Life, and Updated Website


Hello everyone  did you see my premier of  "Tourette's Uncovered" on the Discovery Health Channel? What did you think? I was really nervous but I think everyone now  understands my disorder alot more. I was very nervous for you to see how I live my life everyday with Tourette Syndrome. I really do hope that you liked it and if you missed it they said it will play again on Wed night 9/15/10 at 10 pm and again at midnight. Also Sunday on 9/19 at 4:00 pm but mom said to check your local listings to make sure.

WOO-HOO! I had the best birthday party ever! We had a big bouncy inflatable water slide and we played on it for 5 hours straight! The news people came from Fox and they video my birthday party and put it on the news! It was really great to share that with my friends and all of you! If you missed it, here is the video clip of it so you can see it:

Now about my NEXT STEP CONTEST! We need ALL of you to help us with this! Mom has all the paperwork for it done and ready to go but we need you to help us get to the NEXT STEP! We have more prizes donated. WE have 30 minutes of radio airtime to talk about your project, your organization, your favorite charity, you can even have a guest on and interview them (mom said it has to be family orientated though). We have sign language dvds from Louise Sattler, we have a free astrology  and parenting sessions, and loads of books, coupons, and gift cards! WE HAVE MORE GIFTS AND PRIZES THAN DONATIONS, so lets all do this people TOGETHER! I am here working for you but I am only 10 years old and ya'll are the adults and you have to help me help all the kids, even your kids it will help!

And I know that you want to win the GRAND prize of dinner with the 2 Hollywood Actors at Spagos in Hollywood, California! And if you are a man, we will try to get one of my celebrity ladies to eat dinner with you if you want! (and I do have some very pretty ones) hee!hee! So everyone donate and I will announce the winner right here on a video on September 26th because all the interviews and press from my documentary put me behind a little tiny bit!

You probably noticed no more "!!!" in my blog. Well that is because they were messing something up for the website and I had to stop. It's good though anyway because that is an OCD of mine!!!

So did you all notice my website is UPDATED and cooler looking? I was 8 when I started it and since I am now into "double digits" being 10, well you know my website had to grow  with me. But it won't crash anymore now when all of you come to it at the same time :)

Have a WONDERFUL week!

"Tic" ya later alligator!