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Feeling better and Law & Order!!!!

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Hey everyone!!!!Sorry I haven't written to ya in a little while but my tics put me out of it for a bit. I have some exciting things to tell you and I am feeling much better tonight!!!!!!!!!

First I want to tell you the new Jaylens Challenge Anthem song that Dash Mihok and Daniel Freedman made for me!!!!!!! You can download the song right here on my website for $1.99 and the money goes to the challenge of helping us to stop bullying!!!!!!!!!! It is a hip hop song so you high school kids will really like it!!!! (especially Shawn - AJ's big brothr who thinks he's a gansta)!!!!! maybe one day we can add a song to it and I'LL sing on it too!!!!!!!!

 And I just got emailed today a picture from Uncle D of these guys from Law & Order. Pretty cool huh?

I'm realizing out that even though Uncle D  isn't on Disney channel he still knows a lot of cool people who go on Disney Channel (example Uriah Shelton and Debby Ryan and Keke Palmer) and Uncle D does play on a lot of movies and tv shows!!!! I just am not allowed to watch most of them cuz its for adults!!!!!!! I do want to meet Uriah though really really bad after seeing his tweet videos!!!!!!!!!!!!Uriah you rock brother, I want to see you with my wristband on!!!!!!Can't wait until TJ comes down too cause we're going to Disney World and that will be too much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!Here's a pic of TJ. TJ is Terrell Ransom, Jr and is on Days of Our Lives that I can't watch either cause it comes on when I am at school!!!!!!!!!


 And a lot of news people and talk show people are calling my mom cause they want to talk about my Challenge and bullying and all the kids that I am trying to help!!!!!! it is awesome to know that so many people want to help me to make a BIG change!!!!!!I hope the world gets to watch me grow up and in 20 years I hope that I have made a HUGE difference in how people treat each other and especially kids!!!! Maybe kids won't go into schools with guns anymore trying to shoot the kids that made fun of them because that has been happening an awful lot!!!!!It just breaks my heart!!!!!And I hope people will know what Tourette's is too cause it is NOT fun to have!!!!!!!!!!

 Thank you for all of your support with watching my Katie Couric story with Dash called "The American Spirit". I got all of your comments and all of your emails and all of your facebook comments and letters!!!! I am sorry but I got sooooooooo many that I can't write everyone back at once!!!!!!!!!!!!But I do thank you and love everyone just the same!!!!!!My mom is working on getting some help for my emails, youtube, website, facebook, and myspace,  and twitter, from different people cause I get really really tired and sore from sitting in front of the computer!!!!Alot of times mom just goes through and reads them all to me while I am laying on bed!!!!!! 

Well that about all for now. Next time I will make a new video blog for all of you!!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!and remember that it takes ALL of you to help ME and we can ALL DO THIS TOGETHER!!!!!BULLYING NO WAY!!!!BULLYING NO WAY!!!!! :) :) :)