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Katie Couric, Nickelodeon, & Shout outs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bonjour!!!!!!!! Wee wee, yes its true I have shout outs to people and some good news!!!


First just to let you know Katie Couric will air next week sometime Monday -Thursday cuz my mom don't like news on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So ya'll watch for that cuz its gonna be good!!!!!!!!!!!!Ok MR. Brandon you have to put it on this time!!!!!!!!!!


And Nickelodeon called my mom and they might do a feature on my Challenge and Bullying No Way!!!!!!!!!!! It's not 100% yet but I gotta really good chance they will do it cuz I got a feeling they will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry I haven't blogged in a week and I'm not just sayign that so ya'll will not be mad at me, but I have had soooooooooooooo much homework and make up work I missed cause of my tics being a lot!!!!!!!!!! I've been staying up until 10:00trying to finish it almost every night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO TV TIME LATELY!!!! And if you are a kid you know what I mean how it will destroy you with no tv time!!!!!!!!!!!!Third grade is so different than 2nd grade but its funner.


Shout outs!!!!!!!! Shout out to both Jenna's, and I've been emailing with my new friend Jenna that has the swine flu. But she is getting so much better because I have been praying for her ever since I found out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shout out to Claire Meadows that met Uncle Dash in Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for writing to me and for supporting me by wearing my wristband!!!!!!!!!!!We can make a better world!!!!!!!!!!!All it takes is a voice of all kids and adults!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shout out to Terrell Ransom Jr for giving me lots of praise on Facebook and Twitter and my cause is very important to him!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's wearing my band and using his mouth to help me educate!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you my little bro!!!!!!!!!!And mom promised to record Days of Our Lives for me so I can see Theo in action!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shout out to MR. Paul!!!!!!!!!!!I don't like it when you work so much cuz I don't get to talk to you!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for loving me enough to help me tell the world and work on my website all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!I wish you would come to the U.S. soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shout out to PhotogTony too (CameraManIam)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He's working on my commercial and it will be really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And if ya'll want you can come to facebook and be my friend. I am under Jaylen Arnold. OR you can follow me on Twitter @JaysChallenge. Or you can follow MR. Paul, MR. Tony, Uncle D, my sister, aunt Regina. A whole bunch of people are on Twitter!!!!!!!!!!!OR you can just do like all the other people and follow Ashton, but back off of Selena!!!he!he! :o)


"tic" ya later,