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My project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey everybody! How are you doing? I just wanted to let you know what is going on with me lately! My mom is actually typing this for me and we are on the phone together . I am telling


her what to say.  Me and my dad are at the store buying supplies for my Charlotte's Web project. That's a book I had to read over the summer for school and it was really, really, good. My mom and April also took me one time to see the theatrical play of it performed by the Pied Pipers too! I wanted to be in that play!


Anyway, I have to re-create my favorite scene from the book using a shoe box and all natural materials. We can not buy small fake spiders or figurines. We can not cut out pictures from magazines either. We have to get really creative and be all natural. So this is what we have so far for my supply list: grass, dirt, white paper, glue, pipe cleaners, clay, paint, play-doh, and hamster bedding (cause you know I have a hamster)!  My dad is going to help me on this project and I can't wait to see how it will turn out. I'm going to try my best to remake the scene where Wilber stays in the house and the people are feeding him when we he was little because that was my favorite part. What about you? Have you read or seen Charlotte's Web?


Well they have not shown my feature on CBS News with Katie Couric yet but they said it will be soon. I keep asking mom everyday. Hey, I'm getting some cool new supporters too! If you have one of my wristbands, PLEASE take a picture of yourself wearing it and email it to us! You can also see everyone else in my Photo Gallery page on the left side of the page. You will be amazed at some of my people there!


Well I have to go and get back to buying my supplies for Charlotte's Web but I will get on later in the week and show you a picture of my project! Oh and I want everyone to write to me on my forum and tell me all about your tics. I have this new super jump tic. I jump soooo hard and bring my legs up behind me very high and hard. Most people think I'm being a hyper kid but I am not. How is your school year going? Write to me and let me know what you are doing! Bartow Elementary was awesome! They have some really good kids there. You can put up a hand signal with 2 fingers and those kids listen. I have received lots of emails from them and made a few friends. I am very sure there will not be any bullying in that school. They are great! Well I have to go now.


"Tic" ya later,