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This blog is to my crush XXXXX!!!!!!AND friend Dash!!!!!

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 Hey!  Hey! Hey! Hey! people I'm giving this blog 205% to XXXXX! One of the Major Crushes of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my friend DASH!!!!!!!!!!! It rocked having him


here. Guess what.............she...hugged me like 2 weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can still feel it! Hold on guys I'm having a moment.......................................................................ahh, OK  I'm back. Anyway  yeah I  have a big crush on....XXXXX. My friends  at  school  would  know  that cuz  every  time  she  comes  in  the  classroom  I  turn  around  and  fix  my  shirt and hair and put on hand santizer,  then  wave  at  her. But  Uriah  just  has  to embarrass  me,  but  thank God  XXXXX  doesn't  hear  it... I think . But  yeah  she is  very pretty! And tommorow I'm  gonna try to kiss her. But don't  worry  Mrs.XXXX only  on  the  hand then, I would  faint.

 Ok  guys  you'll  hear more XXXXX stories  later, but now the Dash story!!!!!!!!  It  was so cool having  Dash over here. It was just as  awesome if I spend the night at A.j's house 4 nights in a row!!!!!!!! And when he first got to the house first  things first, we ate ha!ha! Then we both ticced while watching T.V he!he! The next day we listened to some  Michael jackson music, Bad, Black or White, Thriller, Billy Jean, Smooth Criminal and all them.  Dash danced to it and did the moonwalk on smooth ciminal, it was soooooo  funny I wish I had a clip of it!  aw poo! And we did alot  more wild things like  play basketball.  It was just awesome! And guess what? I won!!!!!!!!! yeah!! I beat a tall famous man woohoo yeah!! But anyway he rocked.  Ok got to go me and my mom are making smores cool!!!!! Oh and my moms birthday  is tommorow

"tic" ya later,


written in Teusday,Sept.22,2009 MR paul has to fix my clock and date for my blog.