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Tomorrow is BIG day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Hi people, how ya doing? I am doing GREAT because tomorrow is the big day when Katie Couric comes to school with me!!!!!!!!!!!! And


I am going to Bartow elementary tomorrow to speak out!!!!!!!!!!!! And tomorrow is Dash's last full day here so we have to spend alot of time with him beofre he goes home!!!!!!!!!!!!And speaking of Dash he is a really really fun guy here and apparently he can do the moonwalk!!!!!!!!!!Cuz we just listened to Michael Jackson a minute ago and he did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we did our commerical and it was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All the kids did really good and I had alot of fun and it will be on tv soon I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE have the same tics and Dash really understands me becasue we have the same tics that really no one else in the world has!!!!!!!!!!Who else has the cup tic? setting it down flat?


Well my mom wants to talk to you. Oh yeah, I am getting a real wizard wand that looks just like Justins on wizard of waverly place!!!!!!!!!!! K here is my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello, Jaylens mom here. Just wanted to let you know that Jaylen is correct in that the news teams will be following him to school tomorrow morning as well as interviewing him and Dash in great detail. Having Dash here has been a real blessing and our family is sure that we've met a friend for life. Jaylen and Dash have a unique bond that is amazing to watch between them.  They did also make their PSA and we are pushing to raise enough money to buy airtime from the Disney channel. In this way it will reach children by the masses! Please consider helping us.

 A bit more info on Dash, his website is . He is also on Twitter @DashMihokcom for those who would like to follow his movie roles, etc... His personal twitter is @DizMihok.


We'll be posting pics and youtube videos soon! We've got a lot of good stuff for you between Jaylen and Dash.


Thank you,

Robin Arnold