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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous (not verified)

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry about my title I didn't mean for it to be selfish but tomorrow is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!I am going to be 9 and I am so excited!!! My mom and my sister have a


secret surprise and I don't know what it is!!!!!!!!!!!My dad is in on it too!!!! Do any of you know what it is? What do you think it is? I have this little guitar thing from Best Buy on my mind because I really want to get it but I have to see what my dad offers!!!!! He!he!

Schools going really great and I like my class and teacher alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I almost forgot to tell all of you who won the contest between California and New York.

CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! California is the BIG winner!!! They are the first appointed State by me as the Anti-Bullying State!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you know any mayors or people like that in California, show them this blog so they will know that their State won!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well mom's making me go to bed now so I have to go. I want to hear from all of you on my forum because I feel like I am always talking to myself!!!!!!!!!!


"tic" ya later,