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WOW!! I'm spending five days in Los Angeles!


WOW!! I'm spending five days in Los Angeles! 

    Hey everyone! Wow! Where do I begin! Los Angeles, California was a blast! I did so many cool things- I went down the famous Walk Of Fame where you see the stars
of the famous people from back in my moms day! :'D  I got to see the Graunman's Chinese theatre, Kodak Theatre, and Dolby theatre! I also was FINALLY able to
actually go to see Uncle Dash in California at his own house!!! Me and Dash were able to do a big dream of mine and took a picture with the Hollywood sign! I've 
ALWAYS wanted to do that and I thought I would never be able to see it or even GO to California!

    I'm so excited that I was able to travel to California and speak to the school there too! As usual, the kids were great and really recieved what I was saying. Although 
I did see some kids that seemed disinterested at first, we saw great change by the end. I am happy because for the majority of them, RIGHT 
after the presentation I immediatly saw a change in the classes. For example: Before the principal had the classes come to the courtyard, I saw kids playing basketball
and one kid sitting by himself just watching the game. He looked really depressed like he wanted to join. After I gave the presentation, when they were
dimissed I saw the same kids playing basketball, but that one alone kid was playing too! They were having a good time and thats all I know that no one is
being bullied or isolated.

    Amazed....thats what I was infront of the Graunman's Chinese Theatre. It is a HUGE Theatre with Dragons painted and slucpted around it, they have the famous
cement indents of celebrities' signatures, hand and footprints in the cement! I checked out Marilyn Monroe's and put my hands in her hand prints...and they were they were
the same size......I'm taking that as an embarassing coincidence....haha. I also saw Clint Eastwood's and TOM HANKS! Cool right!? Walking around California was also pretty fun! Yes, 
they build it up A LOT more in the movies, but its still an awesome place to sight-see and visit the shops! Your feet start to get a little mad because of all the things to
see and walking, but you learn to ignore it when you get captivated with the beautiful landscapes.

    I went to the Santa Monica Pier and it was truly amazing! It was sooo big and so many things to do there along with a ton of talented people playing the guitar and
drums! So of course, being the crazy, southern boy that I am, I go running through the sand bare-footed and diving my feet into the ocean thinking it would be like
Florida beaches. Oh boy did nature scold me for that! The water was SO COLD - within a few seconds my toes turned red! Hahaha, but after a while I got used to the
water and it felt good....but NEVER will I go swimming in that beach!

Our filming of my documentary is going really great! I did a 3 hour interview last night and also filmed a short PSA for Jaylens Challenge while out there. I can't wait for 
you all to see life through my eyes...with Tourette's and my mission to stop bullying! 

California was totally amazing, lots of great food and I definitely can't wait until I can come back! :)

                      So thank you for reading, keep me and all the kids getting bullied constantly in your prayers and follow this journey with us!


                    -Jaylen Arnold