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This Time of Year - Yay!


Good Evening Friends, Family, and Supporters of Jaylens Challenge. This is Jaylens mother, Robin. I wanted to take the time to make a post on his website and to let you know how much we Love all of you and your dedication to Jaylens Challenge over the past year. Some of you have offered financial support so that we can continue to educate and help children in schools become more aware of bullying and how to prevent it or stop it.  Some of you have offered emotional support for our family when things get very hectic for us personally. Some have donated educational materials and gifts for contests.

Some are Jaylens cheerleaders and help encourage him to keep on doing his good works when he feels like he's not making a difference. No matter who you are, we appreciate each and every one of you and your uniqueness for who you are and how you've affected our lives! Without you, this Foundation would not exist.We've all learned so much about bullying and what a huge global problem it is.

I also want to thank our very generous media contacts that have become like family to us. The Ledger, Baynews9, CNN, Katie Couric's crew, Discovery Channel, Bergan, Youtube, Twitter,'ve helped us spread the awareness more than you know! We Love all of you! Micah ShaneWe've recently met a local musician who created a song that resonates with our mission and our beliefs. Jaylen agrees that it is very appropriate to place the song here for your listening pleasure! The song, called "This Time of Year" by musician Micah Shane is about treating people with respect and Love - not just at Christmas time - but ALL the time! You can also purchase the song on iTunes. Enjoy!

Listen to Micah Shane - This Time of Year

 Take care all of you and have safe and wonderful Holiday Season! Bullying No Way!