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Next stop on the tour.....Arlington, Texas


Next stop on the tour.....Arlington, Texas!

Hey guys! We made it to Arlington, Texas! I'm so thankful to Lazydays and KOA, we are inspiring so many kids!

Thank you LazyDays for sponsoring us! Without LazyDays and KOA this trip would be impossible to do! At first I was iffy about riding across the country in a R.V
with everyone for two weeks, but I'm actually LOVING it! Its bringing everybody together as one big family.

Just like the school, Bailey in Texas! I LOVVEE it here in Texas and this school! It was incredibly fun to talk to the kids and interact with them during 
the Q&A. The kids really soaked in the message like the others and thats why this tour is going smoothly! 

I also had a blast at Bailey Jr. High because I was able to do announcements with a very talented girl, who looks like she will be the next Disney Princess. 
It was fun to do the morning announcements and it was my first time! I knew that I would love Texas and my thoughts didnt let me down! Bailey Jr High was 

The KOA campground in Arlington was amazing! The employees and everyone there was so nice to us. They treated my sister and I like we were so special!

 So thank you for reading, keep me and all the kids getting bullied constantly in your prayers and follow this journey with us!


-Jaylen Arnold