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Next stop on the Bullying No Way! National Tour... Phoenix, Arizona


Next stop on the Bullying No Way! National Tour... Phoenix, Arizona

Wow! We are moving right along in our tour. I've already met and spoken to thousands of students! I'm making so many new friends and recieving TONS of emails and
messages about how much I've inspired them and changed their lives. That make me feel sooo good! 

Because the schools in Arizona were year round schools and on spring break, we decided to have a huge Jaylens Challenge Anti-Bullying Family Fun Day! We held a press conference
and had so many special guests, celebrity speakers, and singers. We honored an 11 year old girl named Reve' Osheel who has been supporting my anti-bully efforts. I was so
happy to meet her in person and share the day with her family and friends. 

Our gues speakers were Mr Trupeni from Lazydays, Miss Arizona Jennifer Smestad, The Bachelorette Arie Luyendyk, Jr, Country Music Singer Ashley Wineland, and my friend from  X-Factor
Carlos Guevara. We also had a special girl there named Chy Johnson who has a brain disorder. She was bullied very badly but her school football team took her under
their wing and defended her. She then became her schools Prom Queen! She was so very special to be here with us.

Our singers sang so well and had awesome jam sessions, pictures, and bounce houses at the Kiwanis Park. It was sooo great!

I like Arizona! It's so clean looking but very dry. We had to drive through Mexico to get here and all of our noses are getting sore from being dry!! The mountains were  SO BIG! They

were crazy to look at because I have never seen a mountain! They are really pretty and very very BIG! There were so many canyons and mountains. I also noticed that they do not
have any grass out here. The yards have rocks in them (at least they don't have to mow the grass. haha). 

Albuquerque was lots of fun and the people were very nice. We did alot of filming for my next documentary in New Mexico, Arizona, and Arlington.

So thank you for reading, keep me and all the kids getting bullied constantly in your prayers and follow this journey with us!


-Jaylen Arnold