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Jaylens Challenge Founder to Attend SEU


I Made it!  Below is the video, press release and links with reference to my college decision. I am so happy to announce that I made it through my first semester as a college freshman! I have found my place within SEU and am having an amazing experience. I'm going right into my Film Major and learning a lot. Southeastern has been an amazing partner to Jaylens Challenge and has encouraged me to continue my Activism and Philanthropy work. I haven't slowed down too much and we continue to impact our most vulnerable youth!  #BullyingNoWay!

Jaylens Challenge Founder to Attend SEU

Anti-bullying activist and founder of Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc., Jaylen Arnold, has committed to attend Southeastern University in the fall of 2019. Arnold announced his decision to attend the university at Southeastern’s leadership conference, Forum at SEU, today.

“We are looking forward to having Jaylen join Southeastern University’s community this fall. We are inspired by his strength to turn a negative experience into an opportunity to educate people about bullying and advocate for those who have been bullied. He is truly a remarkable young leader,” said Dr. Kent Ingle, president of SEU.

Starting at SEU

“I understand I will have to slow down a bit on a national level during this transition in my life,” said Arnold in reference to beginning classes at SEU in the fall. “My classes and education will take priority, but when God calls me to action, I will trust He will set everything into place, and I will go! Strengthening my organization and ‘planning ahead’ abilities will be key.”

Arnold has been dual-enrolled as a student at Southeastern for two years, earning 18 college credits, while also attending high school at Victory Christian Academy. He plans to pursue a degree in film production, with the opportunity to study at the LA Film School his senior year. He will also continue to advocate for Jaylens Challenge while enrolled at SEU.

“It really is such an honor to be attending a beautiful school with outstanding staff and peers,” said Arnold. “I will never be able to exaggerate my thanks enough!”