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Filming Another Documentary Tomorrow! YEAH!!!!


Hello to all the good people that support me I wanted to let you know that I will be featured in another documentary that will begin filming tomorrow!!!! I'm very excited about it!!!

It will be called "Tourette's - Pushing People to Greatness"! I am very honored that M-Tic chose me to be a part of this film!!! I hope it impacts the world like my Discovery Channel documentary "Tourette's Uncovered"!!!

I also wanted to let you all know that we will be working on a better version of my website that makes it easier for everyone to find everything here and to keep you all updated with what I am doing all the time!!! I am doing a lot of things and I am making a big difference!!!! Your support and telling people about Jaylens Challenge is so important and I really do thank you so much!!!!

If you don't already know you can follow me on Twitter : @JaysChallenge or you can friend me on Facebook: Jaylen Arnold. Dont' forget to join my group: Jaylens Challenge on Facebook and also "Like" my non profit 501c3 page: Jaylens Challenge Foundation.

Even though I have been very busy I had a really great birthday, thanks to my mom, my sister, my friends, and my dad. I got to have a little party with a Beyblade competition which was AWESOME! I also got to go to Busch Gardens with my dad and we rode the new ride "The Cheetah Hunt" and it was AWESOME! I was roller coastered out by the time we left!!!

Since school is starting back for alot of kids I would like to remind you to please be nice to each other, say "hi" to the new kid or the kid that doesn't fit it because you just might change their whole life!!! It only takes 1 minute to smile!!!!

Then I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone that supported Carissa!!! She is still in a wheelchair most of the time but she is getting so much better!!! Her mom said thank you so much for helping them and praying for her!!! Someone surely needs to do something about drunk driving!!!

Well that is about all for right now but I do have some really great things coming up soon that I will keep you updated on. You can find out more by going on my Facebook and Twitter too! I have to get ready for my big day tomorrow!!! I am putting a copy of the poster below and I hope that my webmaster will put a copy on our front page and tell you all about it after we film it!!!! BULLYING NO WAY!!!!!!