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Dunbar Middle School in Mobile, Alabama


Our first stop was Dunbar Middle School in Mobile, Alabama!

Dunbar Middle was GREAT! I feel like the kids really recieved the message I gave to them. The kids there awesome and extremely intelligent! They all asked
good questions at the end about Tourettes and Bullying. Thats really all I need, just to know that the kids listened and understood the presentation. They understood
that bullying NEEDS to be confronted on this earth, and that goal will be reached starting with all of us.

Another cool thing about Dunbar was the kids there! All of them were SO talented!!! As soon as I walked in the school, I was so amazed! There was all kinds of art
on the walls, and even the walls THEMSELVES were painted with all kinds of swirls and strokes. Of course, as a lot of places, you would think they hired someone to
paint the walls, but I asked and they all said each of them helped out! Thats amazing isnt it!? However, thats not even the best part! Right in the middle of the hallway,
there it ICE CREAM MACHINE!!!! OOOOHH HOW I was jealous at that moment! :D I wish my school had an ice cream machine! Haha well Dunbar Middle
School was great, and I cant wait until our next stop!

So thank you for reading, keep me and all the kids getting bullied constantly in your prayers and follow this journey with us!


-Jaylen Arnold