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Contest Winners!


Hello everyone! I want to give a big congratulations to the following winners of my Next Big Step contest we had for the month of September! Our West Coast Grand Prize winner is:

Alex Steiner!  He will have dinner with actors Dash Mihok and Josh Hopkins at Wolf Gang Pucks Spago's in Hollywood, California! Alex lives in Florida and has the following three companies:,, and Check out his websites and see if they have anything you've been looking for! Thank you for being a part of our Next Big Step!

Our Special East Coast Grand Prize winner is:  Mrs. DiCaterino! Mrs. DiCaterino and her family win dinner in NYC with Dash Mihok! We are very grateful for her support of Jaylens Challenge and helping children everywhere become educated about bullying! Her other charity passion is Alzheimer's. We encourage you to become familar with an Alzheimer's association and this tragic disorder.

Our Runner Up Prize goes to Mr. Bruce Holtgren, who continues to support the disabled and fellow Touretter's everywhere! Mr. Holtgren wins 30 minutes radio time with Louise from Learning & Laughter with Louise,! He can use this time to interview someone, promote his business, favorite, charity, etc.. (Mom says as long as it is family friendly)!!! Thanks a lot Mr. Bruce for your support!

Other winners will receive our various prize packs, books, sprays, etc... from the lovely ladies at Her Insight Media. We are so GRATEFUL to everyone who donated and we are taking the next big step to bring Bullying No Way! awareness worldwide!!!

 A special thanks should also respectively go to Uncle Dash and fellow Actor Josh Hopkins from Cougartown! You guys ROCK!!! Thanks for having my back and helping dreams come true! I love you!

I hope that you all were able to watch my documentary "Tourette's Uncovered" for the Discovery Health channel. We are told that it will soon be available for viewing on the TLC network. We will try to keep you updated on air times. After that, if they do not offer the dvd for sale, we will attempt to gain permission to place it on our website.

We hope that our purpose is being fulfilled and that people are becoming educated through all means available to us! Disabilities are everywhere! It's a part of life and no one deserves to be treated unfairly due to a condition they can not change nor control. Bullying really isn't cool! And guess what? KIDS really do listen when the education they are receiving is FUN and taught by one of their own!

Victims: If you are being bullied,  PLEASE tell someone! Tell a teacher, a parent, an adult, a bigger kid...but do something. Travel in pairs with other children, don't be alone! It can be stopped! Get your wristband today and help us get into more schools nationwide!

Bullying No Way!!!

"Tic" ya later,
 Jaylen and Team Jaylens Challenge