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Hey everyone, what have you been doing the last few days since it is summer??? Just chillaxin??? Well guess what? that is what I have been doing! My tics are on a high right now with my eyes and my voice! I sound like I am going through a voice change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im glad Im typing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive been having a great time at royal rangers ever since I signed up. Royal rangers is so awesome for boys. This week I am learning how to to tie a square knot a knot 8 knot and a overhand knot!!!!! I want to say thank you to Prissy121 and MRS. Donna Grant for supporting me!!! And Freddie and Melisa Trim are awesome!!! All of you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so I bet you wonder why the title is soft ears? Well, my mom thinks I have the softest ears ever. She was sitting here with me while I was on the computer and she keeps nibbling at my ears with her lips. like she's a rabbit or something and trying to eat my ears. sometimes moms are just crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok well I am going to go play on the Wii fit with my mom because she has a bad back but thinks it is good for me to get on it and balance and stuff. Oh if you are a kid and you are reading this then you should sign up to join my forum! there isnt very many kids signed up yet and how am I going to talk to you?????? you have to sign up if you want to talk. "tic" ya later! Jaylen xoxoRead more
HEY yall!!!! I'm so glad to be talking to you guys It's been a real honor. So,about my day.......ON Friday I went to my friend .A.J's place to go swimming!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooooooo F-U-N FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a Great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! And to top that alittle just the day before yesterday my mom got the Wii..........FIT!!!!!!!!! we tryed it out today. And yesterday we went to outback the food there was delicious!!!! Oh and I almost forgot to give a great job shoutout to Mitchell Musso for his new music video HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My eye rolling tic got alot longer this week and it is making my eyes really sore because they are rolling up to the right side for a long time! Thank you all for supporting my challenge!!!!!! I love you all and have a great summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "tic" ya later! J-Mac xoxoRead more
Hi firends. I just wanted to let you know that the forum chat is working now!!!! I just made my first post after MR.Paul. If you want to join you just go down to FORUM on the left and then click the mouse thing on: create an account. Please come on and tell us who you are and your story. I cant wait to meet all of you. All of us together will be great. Dont forget to donate too and I will send you a wristband that you can wear proudly and help me to stop bullying. "tic" ya later! Jaylen: the little boss. thank you Mr. Paul you always make me feel so special.Read more
Hi everyone. Tonight MR. Gary White from the newspaper came and interviewed me. I was so excited but then I calmed down because he was a really nice man and it was fun getting interviewed. It does take a long time. Some of my friends came and they took our pictures. Thank you for being good friends to me AJ Staysia and Ethan. I cant wait to see my story in the ledger maybe next week my mom said. And Aubri jean stay on star tomorow for the last day of school!!!!! I love you and Nina says: I love you aunt Brandy and Aubri!!!!!!! I have to go because Im signing up tonight for royal rangers with AJ. "tic" ya later! Jaylen xoxoRead more
Hi Kids and Fellow Readers: Just a quick note to let you know about the chat room and Forum. I've been getting a lot of questions from you all on when the Forum and Chat will be open. It will not be too much longer. Our webmaster is working as quickly as he can. As Jaylens mom, I really want to make sure it is safe for children to talk to each other and make posts. We want to make sure that everyone coming into the Forum to chat will be traceable. This way, it will be safe! Don't worry won't be long sweetheart! It will be nice. There will be a place to talk about Tourettes, about bullying and what you can and did do about it. You can talk about your day or just talk to each other and Jaylen too! Mr. Paul: you are wonderful! Without you Jaylens dream would not be possible. Thank you for all of your hard work. When he talks to you it is amazing at what you do for him. YOU are one of his biggest fans! Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting my little man and all of the Twitter world who is supporting him. You all are wonderful. Jaylen will not let you down. With his severe OCD, he becomes a man on a mission! God Bless, Mrs. ArnoldRead more