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This is the actual transcript of events when Jaylens story aired on CNN. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Picked on at school for something that he can't control. Little Jaylen knows the agony of being bullied, and he thinks he knows why kids do it. We're going to tell you what he's doing to battle back - no fists involved. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)Read more
The message needs to get out there and who better than Jaylen 'Bullying.No Way!' Arnold to convey its importance. The little boss man is doing the campaign proud. If he carries on like this he will end up getting elected one day.Read more
Hi everybody, due to the enormous response Jaylen has had with the airing of his dream, his 'local' campaign has now turned it attention nationally and as a result his promise to reply personally to everyone is going to be a little difficult, however he does do his best. Jaylen wanted to make a series of videos to say hi and pass on a few messages, so for the foreseeable future we can all look forward to seeing more of Jaylen on cameraRead more
Hi good people, Mr.Paul here bringing a little message to you from the little guy. With all the emails of support he has been receiving he felt a video might be a good way to a communicate some of his messages so you can look forward to more. Keep coming back there is always something new to learn.Read more
Sorry folks, in an effort to improve the features on the site i am implementing a few bits and bobs that might break things but hopefully not for long. Now where did i put that hammer?Read more